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Reverse engineering in SOLIDWORKS

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Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is a reverse engineering software plugin exclusively developed to integrate into your SOLIDWORKS workflow. This will unlock advanced capabilities allowing you to directly connect your 3D scanner into Solidworks. You will be able to 3D Scan, Import Point Clouds, Create mesh files, and subsequently use 3D Scan models as a reference to extract features, CAD sketches, complicated surfaces, and solids.


3D Scanning In Geomagic For SolidWorks

Connect your 3D Scanners and portable arms with an exclusive plugin to 3D Scan and probe features. Create scan groups of differently positioned scans, align and combine them to a set of point clouds and convert point clouds to mesh models.

3D Scan with color

Scan directly into SOLIDWORKS. 3D scanning multi-colored objects. Import 3D Scan file formats that have vertex colors or texture mapping. Switch texture and color information on or off in color scan data for better visualization.

Coordinate System setup

Align your 3D Scans, convert to 3D mesh and bring your machine coordinates (Which is the default output during the 3D Scanning) into the World Coordinate System with various tools, including picked point alignment for multiple scan data sets.

Probing capabilities

Connect your probing device to quickly and easily create reference points from a physical object. These Probing points can be made to represent the center of a hole, a point to extrude to, or the building blocks for more complex geometry.

Extract Points for Surfacing

Directly access the 3D mesh and click to create reference points from mesh objects. Later those points can be connected by 3D splines to fit advanced freeform surfaces for downstream workflows.

Region Segmentation

Typically, a 3D Scan is a conversion of a physical object which has already been designed and engineered and produced, into a digital object. The Region Segmentation Tool helps us to split the entire target 3D mesh into many separate regions for feature extraction and gives us an idea of what design features and shapes a particular 3D mesh contain.

Modeling wizard

Almost all 3D modeling features we typically design in Solidworks by creating a 2D sketch, can be extracted automatically. With the help of region segmentation, all 3D features including extrude, revolve, sweep, loft, or can be auto-extracted along with its axis, reference plane, and 2D sketches.

Scan to Parametric CAD

Create a complete history-based, parametric CAD model that can be directly manufactured, edited, and used in downstream applications such as drafting, assembly design, and CAE analysis. This will be a bridge between difficult-to-measure mechanical parts and history-based parametric Solidworks files.

Auto Surfacing

Be it an organic scan or prismatic shape, the software can automatically create perfect auto NURBS surfaces from scan data in SOLIDWORKS with auto-surfacing scan processing tools.

3D Deviation Analysis

Quickly and easily compare between a reverse-engineered CAD object and a mesh object, when imported into or 3D Scanned within the Solidworks reverse engineering plugin. Every auto-extract wizard in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS has a deviation analysis tool to check feature accuracy as you model. Get real-time information on your features to help make design decisions and maintain design intent.







Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have Solidworks mandatorily for using this reverse engineering plugin for Solidworks?

Yes, you must have SolidWorks software to install this plugin to do reverse engineering in SolidWorks.

Can I connect a 3d Scanner into the Solidworks plugin?

Yes, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin has got a 3D Scanner and Probing device control panel to 3D Scan and probe directly into SOLIDWORKS.

How Can I Buy Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS?

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is available as a standalone software license or bundled software license package:

  • Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS standalone license: Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS with first-year software maintenance
  • Geomagic Classroom Suite: Geomagic Control X and Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS with three-year software maintenance (education only)
  • Geomagic Classroom Suite for SOLIDWORKS: Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS with three-year software maintenance (education only)

Can I do assembly design, drafting, and other SOLIDWORKS capabilities while using this Plugin?

Yes, That's the advantage of using this Plugin that integrates Geomagic and SOLIDWORKS capabilities.

Can I buy this Plugin from my Solidworks reseller?

No, You need to buy this Plugin only from a Geomagic software reseller. We Precise3DM are authorized Geomagic resellers for the Geomagic SOLIDWORKS plugin.

What is the difference between Geomagic Design X and Design X for Solidworks?

Geomagic for Solidworks is a direct plugin into the SolidWorks design environment, enabling us to do 3D scanning and reverse engineering functionalities. In comparison, Geomagic Design X is a fully dedicated software for reverse engineering design.

Can we 3D scan in Geomagic for Solidworks?

Yes, we can scan directly inside Geomagic for the SolidWorks software interface. It supports all the major 3D scanners.

What can 3D files be imported in Geomagic for Solidworks?

Geomagic SolidWorks supports the import of STL, PLY, OBJ, G3D, .ASC, SCN, VTX, 3PI, .AC, BTX, GPD, PTX into Solidworks interface.

Can we do a deviation check of CAD data?

Yes, the simple deviation analysis of CAD data over the scan Data or point cloud data can be done at any design and reverse engineering process interval.

Is it possible to work on the mesh data in Geomagic for Solidworks?

Yes, we can work on mesh data using the polygon processing tools like automatic decimation, noise reduction, smoothing, and hole filling tools.

Can we do surface modeling in Design X for Solidworks?

Yes, mesh/ point cloud cross-sectioning and parametric feature extraction tools allow surface modeling from scan data. And then, there is an Auto surfacing tool for automatic conversion of highly freeform models into NURBS output.

Is it possible to align the scan models in Geomagic for Solidworks?

Geomagic for design X has some powerful alignment tools to do probe device alignment and to align the mesh data to the world coordinate system. Also, multiple scan data sets can be aligned using Picked point alignment tools.

Can we modify the design history in geomagic for the Solidworks interface?

After creating a CAD model from scan data, the design history can be directly accessed, and design modifications can be made.

Why choose geomagic design X for Solidworks?

GFSW is the only Scan to SolidWorks solution for Solidworks software.
It enables 25 % more accurate parts to reverse engineering than SolidWorks alone.
Price is competitive than the standard revere engineering software.

Can we Extract Reference Geometry and Parametric Features in geomagic for Solidworks?

Yes, in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS, you can extract Ref. Geometry and create editable, parametric features directly from the scan data.

Do I need to have a Solidworks license to use this plugin?

Yes, this is just a plugin for your SolidWorks. You need to own a separate SOLIDWORKS license.

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