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The cutting-edge device has dual light technology of white light and infrared to 3D scan objects such as human bodies, statues, and engineering objects with colour and texture for multiple uses for AR VR, animation, design,  reverse engineering, product development, or direct 3D printing. The Einscan H2 offers a larger field of view, enabling swift, marker-free scanning of more oversized objects with a texture-based alignment algorithm that elevates the precision of scan alignments to a new level. 3D Scan human bodies effectively represent darker skin tones and hair with their actual dress colour, ensuring accurate and lifelike results with its specialised algorithm to minimise errors during the 3D scanning, especially when the person being scanned moves slightly. The Einscan H2 is the ultimate multipurpose 3D scanning solution, catering to various applications and offering exceptional ease of use and precision, empowering users to handle their projects confidently and efficiently.

Technical Specifications

Key Features

White light & Infrared Technology

Dual light source for different types of objects and sizes, scanning from small toys to the
entire human body and engineering objects.

Multipurpose 3D Scanner 

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Realistic Texture-based alignment

to enhance and align the various scans, especially for human body scans and highly coloured objects.

Micron-level Accuracy & Precision 

 for high-end engineering tasks

High-speed 3D Scanning

for larger objects (up to 12,000 points/s ), such as cars and bigger items.

Larger field of view

for fast, marker-free scanning of expansive areas using next-generation white light technology.

IR Technology

to scan the human body so the user can open their eyes while scanning.

Specialised Algorithm

to minimise errors during 3D scanning, particularly when capturing the human body while slightly moving.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

The Einscan H2 can play a crucial role in the field of prosthetics and orthotics by facilitating the creation of customized and precise devices.


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Demo Videos

EinScan H2 | Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source Handheld 3D Scanner

EP3: How to 3D Scan a Vase with EinScan H2 White Light Mode

EP4: How to 3D Scan a Black Object with EinScan H2 IR Mode

EinScan H2 | Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source Handheld 3D Scanner

EP3: How to 3D Scan a Vase with EinScan H2 White Light Mode

EP4: How to 3D Scan a Black Object with EinScan H2 IR Mode

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The Einscan H2 is designed for versatile object scanning, including human bodies, with realistic textures. It is ideal for applications such as design reverse engineering, product development, and direct 3D printing.

The Einscan H2 utilises dual light technology, incorporating both white light and infrared technology for comprehensive and accurate scanning.

The next-gen white light technology provides a larger field of view, allowing for fast, marker-free scanning of expansive areas, making it perfect for high-end engineering applications.

Yes, the 3D scanner employs a unique texture-based alignment algorithm to enhance scan alignment precision, providing realistic textures and detailed representations of scanned objects.

Absolutely. The scanner uses flash-free technology to accurately represent black-coloured skin during human body scans. It also employs a specialised algorithm to minimise errors, especially when capturing movements

The Einscan H2 is designed to cater to diverse applications, from intricate engineering tasks to detailed human body scans, providing exceptional ease and precision in various industries.

Yes, the Einscan H2 is suitable for direct 3D printing applications, making it a valuable tool for rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes.

Yes, the next-gen white light technology and marker-free scanning capability make it ideal for scanning large and expansive areas efficiently.

While minimal post-processing may be needed depending on specific requirements, the scanner is designed to provide high-quality, ready-to-use scans, reducing the need for extensive post-processing

The Einscan H2 is versatile and suitable for industries such as engineering, product design, manufacturing, healthcare, and more, due to its ability to handle a wide range of scanning applications.
Remember, for any specific technical inquiries or unique use cases, it's recommended to reach out to the manufacturer or authorised distributors for detailed information tailored to individual needs.