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3D Reverse Engineering software

3D reverse engineering is the term used to define that the user uses 3d files as a reference to revere engineer the object. The 3D file indicates the output put from the 3d scanner, and reverse engineering defines the process of CAD modeling from the scan. Software used for reverse engineering after 3d scanning is based on your applications. We PRECISE3DM have been an authorized reseller and distributor of  3d reverse engineering software for a long time. We have collaborated with the global OEM Geomagic inc, which was later acquired by 3d systems, to use 3d reverse engineering and 3D inspection software as pre print, post-print, engineering applications.

3D Scan to Parametric Reverse Engineering software

While reverse Engineering prismatic shaped object that is originally designed by parametric features in CAD software, we need to use parametric modeling procedure in the scan to CAD modeling process. We represent Geomagic Design X 3d scanning to parametric CAD modeling software. The industry's most powerful toolbox to transform 3D Scan data into quick surface 3D models for immediate use downstream. Fast workflow for engineers and designers to convert organic shapes into CAD files.

3D Scan to Nurbs modeling software

Imagine a human face and think of the features it consists of. You will not come up with any, as it doesn't have an excursion, revolution, or parametric features as the human face is full of organic freeform features. When you need to create a CAD model of any organic shape, think of Geomagic wrap an accurate scan to Nurbs modeling software.

Reverse engineering plugin for solid works

Do you have SOLIDWORKS in your workflow? You already have half of the solution. This integrated Digital Reverse Engineering software toolset plugs directly into your SOLIDWORKS environment. Quickly turn your complex and irregular scans into accurate, meaningful surface models. Geomagic for SolidWorks dramatically cuts time out of design processes by importing your scan data - as mesh or point cloud - to start modelling, not from scratch. Are you launching a new product? Need custom parts? Have you got a scan to CAD Projects? Don't start from scratch again. Just scan for critical dimensions, make all the changes you need, then send it downstream to manufacturing.


Frequently asked questions

What is Geomagic?

Geomagic is a brand and company name that was used to develop 3d scanning reverse engineering software and 3D inspection software. Later it got acquired by 3dsystems and rebranded as Geomagic software unit under which pre-print and post-print applications were brought developed and supplied to use it along with 3d scanners.  

Which software is used for reverse engineering After 3D scanning?

After scanning the object, they produce .STL files, 3D scan to Reverse Engineering software that was used to reverse Engineer the scan data acquired by 3d scanners. Geomagic Design x is a comprehensive scan to CAD modeling software. 

 Is a 3d scanner to CAD possible?

 ''3D'' and ''digital'' are the same word. They both mean reverse engineering, from a scan or digital data to a CAD model. 

  What are the parametric file and NURBS file?

Parametric file and NURBS file are CAD models files. A parametric file has prismatic features and NURBS files have patches.