Multifunctional 3D scanner is capable of performing 3D scanning in multiple modes like Handheld, Fixed, and HD modes. These types of 3D scanners will fulfil a wider range of applications irrespective of your field. Depending on the specific application, the right mode of operation is utilized to achieve quality output.

  • Multifunctional 3D scanners facilitate the scanning of almost any kind of object given to their multiple functionalities.
  • Most of the scanners commonly have Handheld and Desktop modes of operation.
  • Scanners like Einscan are capable of scanning textured objects given to the additional color module.
  • Multiutility scanners are highly portable enough to carry on site. And it is a Plug and play type of operation.


Multifunctional 3D Scanners like Einscan work on the structured light scanning principle. These scanners have different modes of operations that allow you to scan almost any size and shape of objects. For example, Einscan has the following mode of operations

Handheld Industrial 3D scanner
Handheld Industrial 3D scanner
Handheld Industrial 3D scanner

Scanner Working in Handheld Rapid Mode:

Handheld rapid Mode is a free hand scanning operation, where the scanner is connected with a computer and Power supply for data and power transmission. For every scan, the scanner will collect millions of point clouds at around 15fps speed. The scanner software algorithm will align one scan data to another data using common features or markers as reference. Mostly suitable for Non-technical applications where Speed is taken as a priority over accuracy and quality.

Scanner Working in HD mode:

Similar to Rapid Mode, HD mode is also a free-hand scanning operation. Unlike Rapid mode, HD mode of scanning will take only markers as reference for aligning one scan to the next scan data. This mode of operation gives high accuracy and high-quality scan data but operates at a lesser speed than the rapid mode. Highly suitable for scanning components of a medium and large size where accuracy and scan quality is the main priority over speed.

Scanner Working in Fixed Mode:

Fixed mode of operation is where the scanner will be operated along with a turntable. This mode of operation delivers highest accuracy and highest surface quality compared to previous modes. The maximum size and weight of parts that can be scanned will be limited to turntable capacity. But, scanners like Einscan will have additional functionalities that can also scan medium and large objects in fixed mode.



Is Einscan a multi utility 3D scanner?

Yes, Einscan is a multifunctional 3D scanner with Handheld, Fixed, texture and HD mode of operations.

What is Einscan pro 2x?

Einscan Pro 2X 2020 is a multifunctional 3D scanner with different modes of operations. While handheld mode is a standard feature, the fixed and textured modes need to be purchased separately. It works with white Led-light source technology, based on structured light 3D scanning principle.

Where can I buy Einscan 2x in India?

We, Precise 3DM, are an authorised sales distributor of Einscan 3D scanners in India. Apart from selling the Scanner we have a strong engineering team and a systematic procedure to provide after sales support like Handson-Product training, 24x7- Technical support, 24x7 machine Repair and issue resolvance.

What are the differences between Einscan 2x and Einscan 2x plus?
MODEL Einscan Pro 2X 2020 Einscan Pro 2X Plus
SCAN ACCURACY Rapid Mode - 0.1mm Fixed Mode - 0.04mm HD Mode - 0.045 mm Rapid Mode - 0.1mm Fixed Mode - 0.04mm HD Mode - 0.05mm
SCAN SPEED HD Mode -30,00,000 pts /sec Rapid Mode-15,00,000 pts/ sec HD Mode- 11,00,000 pts /sec Rapid Mode-15,00,000 pts/ sec
POINT DISTANCE / RESOLUTION HD Mode - 0.2- 2 mm Rapid Mode - 0.2- 2mm Fixed Mode - 0.16 mmias HD Mode - 0.2- 3 mm Rapid Mode - 0.7- 3mm Fixed Mode - 0.24 mm
Single Scan Range 150*120mm -250*200mm 280*136mm - 312*204mm
Working Distance 400mm 510mm
What is the Einscan 3D scanner price in India?

The price of Einscan 3D scanner in India are listed below:(all prices are pre-tax)
Einscan ProHD - Rs.7,50,000
Einscan Pro 2x 2020 - Rs.6,50,000
Einscan HX - Rs.9,25,000
Einscan H - Rs.6,00,000
Einscan SP - Rs.3,20,000
Einscan SE - Rs.2,20,000