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There are many different types of 3D Scanner technologies available in the market. Each has its advantages and limitations. Choosing the right scanner for your application may be a tricky task. Precise3DM is one of the most trusted 3D Scanner distributors in India. Not only do we sell 3D Scanners Pan-India, but we also take care of pre-sales demos and post Sales support of 3D Scanners across the country. We have collaborated with multiple 3D Scanner manufacturers worldwide to bring a curated variety of 3D Scanners to India based on various industrial applications.

As an added advantage, we are also an authorized distributor/reseller for Geomagic software in India. Based on industry-based applications, we bundle along with the scanner, the right set of 3D Scanning Software, Digital Reverse Engineering Software, and 3D Inspection Software at a discounted price.


We know choosing the right 3D Scanners involves a workaround, and many don't make the right choice. We at Precise3DM have a vast 3D Scanning Service and 3D Scanner Sales and Distribution experience. Our team can help you pick up the most suitable 3D Scanner based on several criteria such as application, industry, component size, and accuracy required.

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Structured Light 3D Scanner

If you are looking for a high detailed 3d scan, A structured light scanner will be a perfect fit for you, be it small parts or bigger parts. structured light 3D scanning technology focus more on details and high accuracy. We have high-performance structured light scanners capable of achieving the high accuracy details that you need.

Handheld Metrology 3D Scanners

Are you looking for an industrial, metrology-grade, portable 3D Scanner? Do you want to scan large objects like big pumps, vehicles & casting components? Buy from our collection of Handheld Scanners.

multifunctional 3d scanners

Are you looking for 3D Scanners at an affordable cost, covering most scanning applications without compromising on quality? Parts like small components, large structures, and colored objects? Our Multifunctional scanners are perfect for you. Explore our Multi-functional Scanner.

Long-range 3D Scanners

Do you want to scan extra-large objects such as aircraft, ships, wind turbine blades, or maybe your entire plant or factory? Please take a look at our collection of Long-Range scanners.

Desktop 3D Scanners

Cost-effective 3D scanners for educational and engineering applications. Place them on your desktop and take 3D Scans of small objects.