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Buy your Experience the cutting-edge technology of the OptimScan-5M Plus, a high-resolution 3D scanner equipped with a Digital Blue light Projection Module, offering unparalleled precision, speed, and reliability. Its robust anti-interference properties ensure seamless operation across various environments, while the HDR function enables detailed scanning of high-contrast objects. With single-shot accuracy reaching up to 0.005mm and advanced vibration detection, this scanner guarantees exceptional data quality and precision. Switching between multiple lenses allows for versatile scanning ranges without the need for manual adjustments, providing a finer and more efficient scanning experience.

Technical Specifications

Key Features

High Resolution

Utilizing three 5-megapixel high-resolution cameras and 1080P projection,
we achieve precise feature extraction.

Multiple Scan Range

Our scanner offers versatile scanning ranges by adjusting lenses and recalibration,
ensuring superior scanning performance without manual intervention.

HDR Function

Our HDR function enables detailed scanning of high-contrast objects such as black
and white objects, ensuring comprehensive data capture.

One-click Integration Module Function

it enhances efficiency through its streamlined scanning process, facilitated by the one-click automatic
markers alignment module and GREC global deviation control module.

High Accuracy

With single-shot accuracy up to 0.005mm and environmental vibration detection,
our scanner guarantees high-quality data and precision.

Automatic Turntable Scanning

Position the part on the rotary table and set the number of rotations. The auto-rotatable
turntable will then rotate and scan the part automatically.

Work flow

Unlock the power of Reverse engineering and 3D Inspection with the OptimScan 5M Plus. Our structured light 3D scanner sets a new
standard in precision and detail, delivering unparalleled accuracy. Equipped with advanced technology and high-resolution lenses, it ensures
consistent and reliable scan results. Seamlessly capture intricate details and high-contrast objects with ease. Explore our step-by-step
workflows, accompanied by detailed images, to maximize the potential of the OptimScan 5M Plus for your projects.

3D Inspection Process

Import Data

Alignment Compare

Measurement Evaluation

Generate Report

Reverse Engineering Process

Data Processing

Feature Extraction

Exact Fit

CAD Conversion

3D Models


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Demo Videos

Metrology Solution Salon ep.12: Unboxing and Installation of OptimScan-5M PIus

Metrology Solution Salon ep.13: How to Calibrate OptimScan-5M Plus

Metrology Solution Salon ep.15: 3D Scanning and Alignment Techniques Without Automatic Turntable

Metrology Solution Salon ep.12: Unboxing and Installation of OptimScan-5M PIus

Metrology Solution Salon ep.13: How to Calibrate OptimScan-5M Plus

Metrology Solution Salon ep.15: 3D Scanning and Alignment Techniques Without Automatic Turntable


The OptimScan 5M Plus boasts metrology-grade precision and accuracy starting from 5 microns, making it the ideal choice for metrology applications.

Yes, the OptimScan Plus features an HDR function that enables effortless scanning of high-contrasted objects, ensuring complete data capture even with black and white objects, thereby enhancing overall scanning efficiency.

The one-click integration module function streamlines the scan points registration process by automating markers alignment and controlling global deviation, minimising errors and delivering high-quality data with unmatched precision.

Yes, the OptimScan 5M Plus can export as .stl file format that can be imported into any 3D inspection software, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend a computer configuration with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 or above graphics card, video memory of at least 4 GB, processor above i7 8700, memory of at least 32 GB, and a USB 3.0 port.

You can easily obtain a quote or download the brochure by clicking on the provided links on our webpage for OptimScan 5M Plus.

No, the OptimScan 5M Plus is a structured light tripod system and cannot be used as a handheld scanning device.

Yes, we provide a plugin to connect with external robots, and we offer an SDK for further customization.

Yes, you can automate the scanning process as it comes with a tripod and turntable. However, manual presence is required during scanning. Once scanning is completed, our Geomagic Control X software facilitates automated inspection processes by picking up the scan data from the specific folder and performing the inspection.

The OptimScan 5M Plus comes with adjustable FOV settings of 100, 200, and 400, catering to a variety of scanning needs.

For the latest offer pricing information, please contact our sales team at or call us at 9840478347.

We offer comprehensive support options for users of the OptimScan 5M Plus, including technical assistance, training, and maintenance services to ensure a seamless experience with the metrology 3D scanner.