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3D Inspection software

3D inspection is an advanced measurement technique for industrial parts in which the shape and dimensional analysis are performed in a three-dimensional way.3D inspection is an appropriate application for a complicated part with challenging profiles or many features that conventionally take time, such as CMM and tactile measurement system. In order to use 3D inspection software, the user should have a 3D scanner or 3D scan files as a reference.

Geomagic Control X

We bring the best 3D inspection software from 3Dsystems Geomagic Control X. You can empower more people throughout your organization to measure more parts, more often, and in more places with a 3D scanner and Geomagic Control X software. You can also measure more reliably no matter who is taking the measurements, and anyone can go back to any part and take additional measurements even after the part has left your facility. Control X lets you empower more people to improve quality at every step.


Frequently asked questions

What is 3D inspection software?

3D inspection software is used along with 3D scanners to measure, compare and extract 3D dimensions of any scanned parts of components, objects, and assembly.3D scanners 3D scan files and original CAD files are the main resources to perform the 3D inspection.

Where do we use the 3D inspection application?

3D inspection is the new method of quality control and quality assurance mainly used for post-production of mechanical components after manufacturing any industrial parts, and nowadays widely used for post 3D printing.

What is the best 3D inspection software in the market?

The best inspection software in the market is based on your application. Suppose you are looking for an inspection software with advanced functions such as automation and batch processing to reduce the time and perform an end-to-end 3D inspection analysis Geomagic Control X is the best 3D inspection software.

  Are 3D metrology and 3D inspection software the same?

3D inspection and 3D metrology indicate the same meaning, so both the software perform the same analysis. It is also called computer-aided verification systems.  

Can I use 3D inspection software without a 3D scanner?

The main resource for 3D inspection software is a 3D scanner. Either you need 3D scanners in-house, or you should have 3D scan files as a reference files to use 3D inspection software