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Be part of India’s biggest 3D Scanning network
  • 3D Scanning Technology Partner Program offers your customer a complete suite of 3D Scanning /Printing services by leveraging our in-house equipment at a discounted rate
  • Increase your 3D Scanner /3D printer occupancy
Business deal

Key features

Complete 3D Business Opportunity

Share each other products and services to offer a comprehensive solution to the customer

Transparent Pricing & amp; Sales Commissions

Pricing for scanner rental is mutually fixed, followed, and renewed every 6 months once.

Partner Support

Dedicated team to support reseller with project coordination, marketing & amp; Promotion payments

No Investment

No initial investment, or any additional charges, If you have 3D Scanners and 3D printers already.


We, Precise 3DM, a 3D Business solution provider, equip companies with advanced disruptive technologies, software & hardware that help their day-to-day productivity, increase profit, and turnaround time, directly improving their business.

We also provide 3D technical solutions that enable companies to avail highly specialized challenging short and long-term projects with our in-house & on-site 3D solutions.

  • Distributors of 3D Scanners & Software
  • Certified Application engineers
  • 3D Scanners and Software Bundles
  • 3D Technology Partners
  • Automotive Benchmarking Specialists
  • 3D Scanning Service Provider
  • Customized 3D Solutions
  • One-Stop 3D Scanning Solutions

3D Service Opportunity

You may be a 3D Scanning Service Provider. We shall help you to extend the 3D Printing Service Business into your portfolio. Same for 3D Printing Service Providers can leverage Precise3DM in-house 3D Scanning equipment and our pan India 3D Scanning Service network.

3D Service Opportunity

Products Sales Referral Commissions

Our sales portfolio contains end-to-end digital manufacturing workflow that starts from any physical objects or environments by 3D Scanners, converting 3D Scans to printable & manufacture ready CAD by professional Reverse Engineering Software. With the final CAD from an object, we shall make prototypes, produce end-use parts, or run a small batch production by our in-house Figure-4 machines, ensuring the high-end digital inspection process.

You can benefit from our sales commission for referring us to potential customers from your region/city who may want to set up any digital manufacturing workflow 3D Products.

3D Service Opportunity

Healthcare Business Opportunity

You shall explore our Healthcare Business Agent Program that enables you to venture into healthcare 3D Printing and Bio CAD Modeling, based on customized healthcare 3D Printed products that are changing human lives.

3D Service Opportunity

Partner support

The dedicated partner relationship manager will help technology partners with the project coordination manage billing process, technical assistance when required when communicating to new clients, supply marketing tool kits, and plan to execute and promote each other services.

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Transparent Pricing & Sales commissions

3D Scanner rentals, sales referral commissions, PRECISE3DM scanning service discounts will be mutually discussed and mentioned in the MOU, all the business transactions are tracked using our internal CRM that makes business transparent and organized.

3D Service Opportunity

Absolutely No investment

It takes just a small online meeting, filling a form, and agreeing to the terms to do something great together in 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Industry.


Business workflow



Partner sign MOU with PRECISE3DM, Flat Partner rate is mutually agreed



PRECISE3DM market 3D Scanning and application-based services in Partner territory



We frequently give projects ensuring Partner 3D Scanning and printer occupancy



Our Partner relationship manager takes care of project billing every weekly once.

  • Reach more customers
  • Increase machine occupancy
  • Get market visibility
  • Get technical guidance on 3D business
  • Get 3D scanners on partner rate
  • Get a scan to CAD service at a partner rate

3D Scanning Service Workflow

We offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service

Get A Quote
Get A Quote

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Select A Scanner
Select A Scanner

We will select the appropriate Scanner that fits your specific application

Get the part scanned
Get the part scanned

A You can courier us   the component

B You can visit one of our   3D Scanning centres

C Our team can come to    you with equipment

Collect your Files
Collect your Files

We will securely transfer the processed output to you


  • 3D Scanning companies who want to explore 3D Printing without any investments
  • 3D Printing company that wants to explore 3D scanning without any investments
  • 3D Scanning service providers from all part of the country with in house 3D scanners
  • 3D Scanners distributors & Resellers
  • 3D Printing service providers
  • Engineering service providers who want to add a 3D Scanning portfolio
  • 3D Scanning companies in manufacturing who wants to venture into the civil engineering line of business
  • Individual who is planning to purchase 3D Scanners
  • Individuals who are exploring the 3D printing business



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Our 3D Scanning Technology Partner Program offers a complete suite of 3D Scanning /Printing services by leveraging our in-house equipment at a discounted rate to the customer. A complete 3D business opportunity and partner support provide comprehensive solutions to the customers.

Either you or we will do the billing and it depends on the case.

PRECISE3DM makes them buy the 3D Scanners or support in a wide range of 3D Scanning & RE projects, based on that you can get a commission fee.