Freescan Combo is designed to deliver highly accurate and reliable 3d scans for a wide range of applications across various industries. With its Uniqe specification, Freescan Combo improves your productivity and efficiency, which directly helps with faster ROI.




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The Shining 3D FreeScan Combo is a portable metrology grade 3D scanning solution that combines Blue laser & Infrared VCSEL modes to capture high-precision 3D data of objects in various sizes and shapes.

The FreeScan Combo Blue Laser offers three scanning modes: Cross line, Parallel line, and Single-line modes.

Our online and onsite 3D inspection service gives direct benefits to 3D scanning service providers. We get 3D scan and 3D CAD from 3D scanning service providers, who are providing 3D scanning and inspection service across many industries .

The FreeScan Combo can export data in various 3D scan file formats such as STL, OBJ, and STEP. Freescan Combo is compatible with any reverse engineering and inspection software such as Geomagic, Polyworks etc. File formats from Freescan Combo can also directly support CAD/CAE software for designing and simulation.

The Freescan Combo scan Speed is up to 1.86 million points/second in blue laser light source, and when switched to infrared VCSEL, it even scans faster at 2.25 million points per second.

Freescan Combo Single line scanning mode is one of the 3d scanning modes in blue laser light source that allows users to scan the objects' deep holes and the pocket area.

Partial HD 3D scanning modes allow freescan Combo users to scan specific areas in great detail scanning mode while scanning overall objects in low resolution. Contact us for this specific function during the online or onsite demo.

Freescan Combo 3d scanner is intentionally made in miniature size for optimized camera angle and getting the 3D scanner in narrow spaces to capture the data.

Yes, The freescan Combo 3D scanner can 3D scan shiny objects and metals without using the developer 3D scanning spray.

Freescan Combo Optimised camera angle defines the smaller camera angle inside the scanners, making it appropriate for 3d Scanning narrow and detailed features such as the backside of plastic parts, ribs, gussets and boss.

Yes, the freescan Combo 3d scanner is a Class II Eye safe laser class, so constantly viewing the laser light for days and weeks is no problem.

Since The FreeScan Combo is a multifunction handheld metrology 3d scanner, specifications such as accuracy, scanning Speed, and resolutions change based on the 3d scanning light source that you choose; please look at our specification data or download our brochure for more details.

The FreeScan Combo has versatile 3D scanning applications across various industries in India, including manufacturing, 3D scanning services, automotive, and aerospace, for various purposes such as reverse engineering, quality control, prototyping, product design, and more.

The price of the FreeScan Combo 3D scanner starts at 14.5L INR TO 40L INR in India and varies depending on the post-3D scan software requirement for either reverse engineering or 3D inspection. Interested customers can contact us at sales@precise3dm.com for a customized quote & latest offers or call us at +91 9840478347.

The FreeScan Combo 3D scanner comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support from Precise3DM India-Authorised Shining 3D partners in India. Indian customers can also access local support from various parts of the country, such as Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, New Delhi and Mumbai.