Long Range 3D Scanners are high performance tech gadgets that empower the end user to scan real world objects, as huge as the Taj Mahal, into 3D digital formats quickly and efficiently. Sounds interesting? You can now execute complex and massive 3D Scanning Projects simultaneously and flawlessly with the help of our Long Range 3D Scanners. These type of 3D Scanners can be used for a wide range of applications like AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), Public Safety Analytics, 3D Metrology and more.

  • Long Range 3D Scanners like EinScan are known for their exceptional accuracy and range
  • They are compact and lightweight
  • They can work efficiently in extreme light conditions
  • Built for rough environments and outdoor applications
  • They are uniquely expandable due to the integrated accessory bay


Long-Range 3D Scanners like FARO work on the principle of LIDAR Scanning. The HD camera fitted at the center of these 3D Scanners revolve around the vertical axis and emits a continuous laser beam. As a result, the 3D Scanner scans a particular area by sweeping the beam systematically over the area. When the laser beam hits a surface, a part of the light is reflected back to the 3D Scanner. The 3D scanner calculates the distance based on the time taken to reflect the light back. This way long range 3D Scanners scan the entire area to be scanned. Long Range 3D Scanners like the FARO Series come with advanced functionalities that enable the end user to replicate the exact colour and texture of the scanned area in 3D digital format.



What is the range of a single scan of Long Range Scanners?

Not all Long Range Scanners have the same scan range. Depending on your application, Precise3DM offers different models of the FARO Series. If the scan range of your application is between 0.6 metres and 70 metres, then we recommend the FARO FOCUS S 70 & M 70 models. The FARO FOCUS 150 & 150 Plus models have a scan range of 0.6 metres to 150 metres. However, for scan ranges extending till 350 metres, we recommend the FARO FOCUS 350 & 350 Plus models.

Are the FARO Series Long Range Scanners suitable for outdoor applications?

The FARO Series Long Range Scanners offered by Precise3DM are very much suitable for outdoor applications as it’s a tightly sealed device with IP Rating of Class 54. Thus, the scanners are protected from dirt, dust, oil and other non-corrosive materials. It is protected from splashing water.

Are the FARO Long Range Scanners handheld devices?

No. The FARO Long Range Scanners are not handheld devices. In fact, they must be mounted on a Tripod before you start scanning.

Why are FARO Long Range Scanners so expensive?

The FARO Series of Long Range Scanners offered by Precise3DM are not expensive but are truly a value-for-money for the following reasons
You will never miss a measurement as the scanners capture As-built data accurately for the entire area in its line of sight.
As a result, you can ensure design fitment beforehand and also monitor the progress of your manufacturing/construction process regularly and frequently in 3D. This reduces rework and material waste.
You can manage large and complex projects with confidence as the FARO software solutions enables you to manage and monitor your projects seamlessly.
You do not need to invest in another scanner for advanced features as the FARO Series of Long Range Scanners are uniquely expandable. The integrated accessory bay of these scanners enables you to add new sensors and indicators to the Scanners. Thus, the Scanner can be upgraded to meet your growing needs.

Is there any Warranty for Precise3DM Long Range 3D Scanners?

Yes, we provide a warranty of 2 years for all our Long Range 3D Scanners. We can also buy-back the Desktop 3D Scanners, purchased from us, within the warranty period and at a discounted rate. Call us at 1800 202 0036 to know about our buy-back process in detail.