Geomagic Software

From 3D Systems Developed by Oqton

Offers an end-to-end software portfolio for 3D Reverse Engineering, Polygon model creation,3D sculpting and Inspection.

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Geomagic Design X

Transform physical components into highly accurate digital parametric CAD models using a reverse-engineering software that merges the benefits of history-based CAD with advanced 3D scan data processing techniques for optimal outcomes."

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Geomagic Control X

Empower a broader audience and wider range of locations with the benefits of 3D scan-based inspection using state-of-the-art 3D metrology software that streamlines the process of acquiring and interpreting scan data."

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Geomagic For Soildwork

A Powerful reverse engineering software solution that integrates seamlessly into your SOLIDWORKS workflow. With the ability to import data or perform scans directly in SOLIDWORKS, you can use the intuitive feature extraction wizards to effortlessly extract precise CAD sketches, surfaces, and solids."

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Geomagic Wrap

The ultimate solution for converting 3D scan data and imported files into highly functional 3D mesh models, nurbs surfaces and measurement extraction for immediate downstream use.

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Key Features

Annual and Subscription

Geomagic software is a great value product, and the perpetual license is expensive. However, do you have less budget? let the higher price not stop you from buying it due to budget constraints, avail of the annual Subscription now starting from 1.80,000 INR.

End to end software for 3D Scanner

3D Scan, Mesh, Scan to CAD, Plant design, freeform design, Inspect, Sculpt, and do anything you want with the 3D scan.

User friendly

Geomagic Software is one of the most user-friendly for your 3D scan-based applications. If you already know CAD or any inspection software, there is an 80 % chance that you can learn GeomagIc software in just 3 to 5 days.

Live transfer function

It's like magic, but with technology! Live Transfer your modeling tree from Geomagic into your CAD software.

Reduce time

It is a known fact that you can speed up 3 -10x faster your time to market for the scan to CAD.


3D Scan, Mesh, Scan to CAD, Plant design, freeform design, Inspect, Sculpt, and do anything you want with the 3D scan.


Local support

we have a 3D scanner partners, Technology partners to take care of the local support of Geomagic software in India; Precise3DM got local Application engineers to support in Chennai, CBE, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai

Manpower Support

We provide you with free post-demo benchmark support for 3D Scan to CAD or Digital inspection for the customer who wants to evaluate Geomagic Software.

Manpower Support

We are also helping companies with manpower support to use Geomagic software resources for 3D reverse engineering and 3D inspection after the procurements.

Local language

Get training, Demo of Geomagic software in your local language, with whichever language you may be more confirmable. We offer Geomagic software training in Hindi, Tamil, English, and Marathi.

Golden Partner

From authorized Geomagic software Reseller to Golden Partner of 3D Systems Oqton Geomagic software 2023, demonstrated high expertise and excellence in delivering Geomagic products, post and presales support to customers and partners.




You can buy directly from Precise3DM's official Oqton Golden partner; once you see the demo and finalize the product, contact precise3Dm executives for a comprehensive commercial offer.

Geomagic is a brand for 3D software, exclusively for 3D scan-based applications such as Reverse Engineering 3D inspection and polygon model creation from the 3D scan data. It was founded by Fu Ping Fu, a Chinese-American entrepreneur.

Ping Fu is an entrepreneur and technology executive. She is the co-founder and former CEO of Geomagic, a 3D software company that 3D Systems acquired in 2013. She is also the author of the book "Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds," in which she recounts her experiences growing up during China's Cultural Revolution and her journey as a successful businesswoman in the United States

You will get 15 days of Geomagic software trial in India. Email or fill out this form to get the trail of Geomagic software.

The cost of Geomagic software in India starts from an annual subscription of 180000 INR to a perpetual license of 18,00,000 INR. However, The cost of Geomagic software in India can vary depending on the product and the licensing option. You may contact Precise3DM at, the official Geomagic reseller in India.