Refurbished Scanners are best suited for first time customers who want to assess the suitability of a 3D Scanner for their application without investing a lot. Precise 3DM exchanges old 3D scanners from customers who wish to upgrade to new 3D Scanner models with advanced features. We refurbish these exchanged 3D Scanners and make them available for other customers. We also refurbish customer returned products and demo displays and make them available for purchase. All our refurbished 3D Scanners undergo numerous tests to ensure that they are in working condition.

All the refurbished 3D Scanners offered by us are,

  • As good as new
  • Fit for use
  • Cost Efficient
  • Checked for Quality
  • Offered with 1-year standard warranty
  • Save of international shipping costs



How can I exchange my old 3D Scanner?

After you express your interest in exchange your old 3D Scanner, our team will evaluate the condition of the Scanner and generate evaluation report. Based on the report an exchange value will be proposed to you. Once you accept the proposed exchanged value we initiate the exchange processs. Call us at 1800 202 0036 to know about our exchange process in detail.

What is the exchange value of my old 3D Scanner?

Not all 3D Scanner models have the same exchange value. It depends on the current condition of the product, time period elapsed after purchase and warranty period. 3D Scanners which have been purchased recently, are in good working condition and are within warranty, have a very high exchange value as compared to devices that are out of warranty and have significant damages.

What are the shipping charges of refurbished 3D Scanners?

Shipping charges of a brand-new 3D Scanner can be quite high. You can now save on huge shipping charges by purchasing refurbished scanners from our local dealers spread across various states in India.

How efficient are the refurbished 3D Scanner models?

The refurbished 3D Scanner models are efficient as a new product as they have been fully restored, tested and certified to be fully functional by our team of technical experts.

Is there any Warranty for Refurbished 3D Scanners?

Yes, we provide a warranty of 1 year for all our Refurbished 3D Scanners.