Electrical Benchmarking

Electrical & Electronics Benchmarking is a key for complexity management of vehicle wiring harnesses and Components: An optimized model to analyze trade-offs between product and manufacturing costs etc.

Electrical benchmarking


Details to be analyzed & reported

  • Details of wires
  • Details of connectors
  • Details of ground details
  • Details of Fuse box
  • Details of Bus topology
  • 2D layout & schematics
  • BOM creation

Engine Compartment

Weight Analysis
  • Wiring harness routing methods on the firewall
  • Firewall grommet shape
  • Cut out size for harness pass-through from the engine to the cabin
  • Type of clamps used in wiring harness parking
  • Firewall grommet shape
  • Type of clamps used in wiring harness parking arrangement.

Fuse Box & Relays

Teardown Process
  • Connectors in the fuse box
  • Fuse box locations & Orientation
  • Parking arrangement
  • Fuse assignment
  • Relay assignment
  • Fuse rating
  • Type of Protections
  • Relay assignment

Can & Bus topology

Teardown Level
  • Wire & Connector details of can bus
  • Schematic of can bus in the system
  • Schematics of CAN communication

2D layout & schematics

Data Mapping
  • Wiring harness diagram
  • Control units
  • Fuse Box
  • Grounds


Detailed photography (connectors, wires, fuse box details, ground details, control unit details), Bill of materials, 2d layout, and schematics.