Reverse engineering in Chennai

We PRECISE3DM Indias largest reverse engineering service provider located in Chennai. Suppose you are an individual or a company located in Chennai, and you have plastic parts, moulds, big casting or any physical objects that you find difficult to measure for creating CAD models. In that case, you need PRECISE3DM 3D reverse engineering service in Chennai We have team of expertise to ensure the quality you expecting. Do walk into our office in Kovilambakkam Chennai, or we will bring 3D scanner equipment to your place in and around Chennai to 3D scan your components. Once the component is 3D scanned, we will create a 3D model.

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Our Services

PRECISE3DM Digital Reverse Engineering service helps customers to convert the complicated 3D Scan into CAD files that are editable, ready to manufacture, analyze, or be used for any other downstream applications. Utilize our team of highly skilled reverse engineers using cutting-edge software. Get cost-effective, per-part pricing instantly. Once you approve the quote, our Expertise team will immediately get in touch with you and process your 3D Scan to CAD.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering

Reduce your time of modelling by 3D scanning instead of constantly measuring

Change the design of any existing structure.

Perform CAE analysis of any current object

Benchmark effectively any parts or assembly in a competitive environment.

Easily measure & design freeform or complicated shapes

Design any child parts of an assembly that fits precisely

How does the Reverse Engineering service in Coimbatore works?

component size-reverse-Engineering

We understand the component size and application by looking at the part image


We execute 3D scanning on-site (or) in-house in the Chennai office.


We import 3D scan into 3D reverse engineering software

reverse-Engineering- modelling-technic

We choose the right modelling technic and create the CAD model


We export as CAD model editable (or) dump solid


Customer manufacture (or) 3D print the same


Our 3D Scanning Technology Partner Program offers a complete suite of 3D Scanning /Printing services by leveraging our in-house equipment at a discounted rate to the customer. The cost of the reverse engineering service is based on components size and Customer accuracy expectation, to be very approximate reverse engineering service in Chennai starts from 2000 inr. The cost of the reverse engineering service is based on components size and accuracy expectation, to be very approximate reverse engineering service in Coimbatore starts from 2000 inr.

PRECISE3DM is the largest 3D scanning and reverse engineering service provider in Chennai. We are located in Kovilabakkam to enable in-house reverse engineering service in Chennai. We can also do on-site 3D scanning and reverse engineering in Chennai.

Reverse engineering means measuring the engineered parts manually and redesigning for manufacturing them again, whereas, in 3D reverse engineering, we perform Advanced 3D scanning instead of manually measuring. We use 3D scans as a reference to model the same.

3D scanning and Digital Reverse engineering are two different terms. They are subsequent processes to make the duplication of any physical parts.

3D scanned models are designed and exported as IGES, STEP, SAT, AND Parasolid. We can also create history based files of Solidworks, Creo, CATIA and UG on demand.