Webinar and live demo on ‘’Digital Manufacturing lab for Engineering and Technical Education.

Join us on Friday 20th, August 2021 at 04:00

Live Demo & Webinar

We offer a free webinar and live demonstration on digital manufacturing for exclusively educational institutions, faculty members, HOD'S, and CAD centre owners. This webinar will include a live demonstration of the complete workflow from 3D scan to 3D print and 3D inspection of final products.

Featured products and solutions

  • -> Digital manufacturing Lab for Education

When ?

  • Friday 20th August 2021 4 pm evening.

Learning objective

  • Applications of 3D scanning technologies
  • Applications of Figure -4
  • Business Opportunities of DM lab in your
  • Students Job Opportunities

Live demos

  • 3D Scanners for Education
  • 3D Reverse engineering and Inspection software
  • 3D Printing using Fig 4