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When Scanning range & object size matters.

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Precise3DM provides a Long-range 3D Scanning service using Faro focus 350. We can bring 3D Scanners to any location in the country to 3D Scan all kinds of large objects and environments, such as complete plant, warehouse, bigger mining equipment, entire aircraft, ship, and many more.


faro focus 3D

Key Features

  • We can 3D Scan in bright or dark environments. With the Focus HDR functionality, challenging lighting situations will never impact 3D scan results. Pre-defined HDR profiles increase the picture quality recorded in very bright or dark environments.

  • We have in-house long-range 3D experts for the 3D Scan to CAD model or 3D inspection applications after the long-range 3D scanning process.

  • All our Long-range 3D Scanning devices are the latest calibrated with proper certifications.

  • Weighing only about 4.2 kg, the Focus Laser Scanner is exceptionally mobile and portable to perform laser 3D Scanning in any environment.

Machine specification

Scanner Name

faro focus 3D

Mounting Tripod scanner
Accuracy 10 m: 2mm / 25 m: 3.5mm
Field of View 230 X 183 X 103 mm
Scan Range 0.6-350 m
Point Spacing -
Depth 18.3 m
Speed 9,76,000 p/s - 2 million p/s
Resolution Higher Resolution
Pixel 8 megapixel
Technology laser scanner for long range applications
Temperature 10째-40째 C
Power Source Battery(19V external - 14.4V internal) (4.5 hrs Withstand)

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