Geomagic Design X Essentials

Accurate and Accessible Scan-toCAD workflows


Geomagic Design X Essentials brings the industry’s most comprehensive reverse engineering software to more people. By reducing the barrier to entry for accurate and efficient history-based CAD and 3D scan data processing, Design X Essentials empowers users with limited budgets to create feature-based, editable solid models with their affordable scanners.

Key Features

| Broaden Your Design Capabilities

Instead of starting from a blank screen, start from data created by the real world. Geomagic Design X Essentials is the easiest way to utilise your affordable scanner, to create editable, feature-based CAD models and integrate them into your existing engineering design workflow.

| Do the Impossible

Create products that cannot be designed without reverse engineering, customized parts that require a perfect fit with the human body. Create components that integrate perfectly with existing products. Recreate complex geometry that cannot be measured any other way

| Accelerate Time to Market

Shave days or weeks from product idea to finished design. Scan prototypes, existing parts, tooling or related objects, and create designs in a fraction of the time it would take to manually measure and create CAD models from scratch.

|Reduce Costs

Save significant money and time across your reverse engineering workflow. Use the industry’s most comprehensive software at an affordable price to accurately achieve yoiur desired CAD designs.

|Leverage Existing Assets

Many designs are inspired by another. Learn from it. Reuse it. Improve on it. Easily rebuild your existing parts into current CAD data, create drawings and production designs.

|Powerful and Flexible

Geomagic Design X Essentials is purpose-built for converting 3D scan data into high-quality feature-based CAD models. It does what no other software can with its combination of solid modeling tools, incredibly accurate surface fitting to organic 3D scans and mesh editing.

|Capabilities for Demanding Projects

Geomagic Design X Essential’s extensive toolset combines CAD tools, industry-leading scan processing tools, and the firepower you need to take on challenging projects. It handles billions of scan points and has a host of features to fix data issues, letting you skip scan cleanup and begin creating CAD models immediately

|Affordable and Accessible

By lowering the barrier to entry for the industry’s leading 3D Scanning toolset, Geomagic Design X Essentials enables you to fully utilise your Entry-Level scanner for Reverse Engineering workflows, at an affordable price point

|Works Like Your CAD Software

If you can design in CAD, you can start using Geomagic Design Essentials X right away. It’s fully-renewed user interface and workflow tools make it easer than ever before to quickly and accurately create as-designed and as-built 3D CAD and model data.




Oqton noticed a surge in the number of users of affordable industrial scanners. To serve these customers better, Oqton decided to launch Design X Essentials. By reducing the barrier to entry for accurate and efficient reverse engineering workflows, DXE empowers those with entry-level hardware and smaller budgets to remain competitive.

Geomagic DXE is for those who may require a smaller toolset for less complex components or only use Reverse Engineering tools when also needed for the customer who wants to upgrade to professional Geomagic DX later when they have a budget.

Oqton product management and marketing have created a chart to easily understand the benefits & differences in functionality in each software solution. Pls, email Precise3DM at to request the document that shows the differences between both software.

Geomagic DXE is approximately 40-50% the price of Geomagic DX with a robust set of benefits. pls email us at to request the official quote for the software.

Geomagic DXE will only be offered as an online activation licence (ONA).

Absolutely! Oqton is offering a bundle of Geomagic DXE/CXE at a very special price. Do contact us at

Oqton has made an intentional decision not to offer our Geomagic DXE at educational pricing. Educational pricing is reserved for our advanced version of Geomagic Design X. Oqton has chosen to offer our professional versions to the educational market at very low prices. Do contact us at for the Geomagic software educational prices

As a customer’s business or application grows, we anticipate their need for Geomagic DX. Oqton will be offering upgrade pricing from Geomagic DXE to Geomagic DX. You will be able to exchange your DXE licence for a DX License and apply the price of the DXE licence to the DXE licence and first-year maintenance.

Trial downloads will not be available in the public. A customer can download Geomagic DX essential and get an evaluation request by email at 

Yes, please email your convenient time for the demo of Geomagic Design X essentials. We will revert back with the meeting confirmation. You can also fill out the form here.

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