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Frequently asked Questions

Precise 3D is a vision to tap into the versatility of digital 3D solutions to reach you the highest benefits.

What is Design?

Design is powerful 3D design software for creating awesome projects. It’s optimized for 3D printing, but you can also create drawings or share the data with other 3D software.

How is Design different from Invent and Sculpt?

Design lets you create entire assemblies made up of parts. You create these parts by drawing in 2D, and spinning or pulling the 2D shapes. Invent is a lot like Design, but only supports a single part. Sculpt lets you create and modify objects by pushing and pulling on them.

What can I make with Sculpt?

Sculpt is very powerful – you can make almost anything you can imagine! It’s best for making 3D models that have freeform shapes; and unique details. With the sculpting tools, you can create anything you could with clay in your hands.

Will this software fix my existing 3D models to make them 3D printable?

During import of STL, OBJ, PLY, and other mesh files, they will be healed automatically to make it 3D printable. Many, though not all, models can be healed. Files originally designed in Sculpt shouldn’t require any healing.el.

I still need help. No problem!

We offer email support for licensing and basic design questions at