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Our 3D scanning services cater to engineering industry, architectural industry, medical industry and civil engineering field.

We use state-of-the-art laser scanners to produce accurate scan data that reflects existing product conditions such as deflection, settling, bent structures and other “real world” oddities. When combined with defined work processes, the scan data reduces dimensional uncertainty in all aspects of the facility lifecycle from engineering design and fabrication to maintenance and compliance.

The medical equipment industry uses 3D scanning just like any other company in the design or manufacturing fields. Scan data is used for reverse engineering, documentation, part sampling and inspection. The other factor of growth is the broad range of applications that span product design, medical treatment and scientific research. Over the years, we have delivered 3D models to design engineers, manufacturing engineers, doctors, researchers and scientists.

3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction. Terrestrial scanning can save you hundreds of hours on planning time and misspent labor.3D scanning delivers elaborate 3D models, BIM integration, fly-through presentation capabilities, elevation design and plan view drawings.

3D laser scanning is fast, highly accurate, and reduces field time. Its pin-point data and models at your fingertips so you have a complete picture of each property and asset. Our scanning services eliminates the need to send a survey crew to re-measure. Everything is accurately captured and ready for you to survey from your computer.