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Our 3D scanning services cater to engineering industry, architectural industry, medical industry and civil engineering field.

From the pump industry to owners of classic cars—more and more products are being launched and improved using modern measuring technology combined with 3D printing. 3D printing has become a standard step in the design and manufacturing process, but you need a 3D model before you can print. We can scan your object and provide you with a model that is ideal for 3D printing. We can even make adjustments to your model, such as enlarging it, and then you can get a 3D printed part.

We provide architectural visualization solutions to bring every benefit and feature of your idea and project to your target client, all within your budget and time frame. A set of realistic, high-resolution 3D architectural renderings from multiple angles and viewpoints. Every render is a very lively interpretation for its design. A professionally cut and edited video walkthrough of the 3D rendered model. Tell the story about your project in a high resolution, high quality and professional.

Our 3D reverse engineering services span the medical industry. Right from orthopaedic implants, sophisticated medical equipments and dental products, we design the prototypes in the digital form and then use 3D printing to make models. Our services also include prototypes of human organs and scale models for medical education purpose.

The new innovation of 3D laser scanning is aimed at being used to improve the efficiency and quality of construction projects, such as maintenance of buildings or group of buildings that are going to be renovated for new services.

The 3D laser scanner will be integrated with other VR tools such as GIS solutions and workbench for visualisation, analysis and interaction with a building VR model. An integration strategy is proposed for an Ordnance Survey map of the area and 3D model created by means of the laser scanner. The integrated model will then be transferred to the VR workbench in order to visualise, interact and analyse the interested buildings on purpose.